A Complete Wine Experience

Come and join us for a complete wine experience!

In everything we do, we aim to approach the traditional heritage in an up-to-date way. This can be seen in the renovation of the buildings, the landscaping of the park, the style of the wines, the design of the bottles and through our people.

We look forward to welcoming you on our domain! We believe in the power of personal contact.

Exceptional plants

The grounds of Château de Minière offer a wide range of exceptional plants from all over the world. Trees include three giant sequoias of 150-200 years old, the world’s heaviest tree. The tree of heaven: a member of the Simaroubaceae family and native of China.
You’ll be surprised when you explore our gardens. A self-guided tour of the grounds is available in English, French and Dutch.
Then enjoy a glass of wine in these charming surroundings.
We hope to leave you with a strong connection to our environment and the conservation of its wonderful history.

Wine tourism

We are developing wine-tourism and offer visitors “a complete wine experience”:
– a commented wine tasting
– a (self-) guided walk on the domain, including the buildings, the park, the vineyard and the chai
– a special focus on the trees, the birds and the wildlife on our estate
– a wine shop with all of our products, tourist information on the region and technical information on wine in general
– a boutique offering artisanal products based on wine, such as pieces of art, jam, fruit on wine, gifts around wine, unique pieces of furniture, …
– special activities, tailor made, such as meals with assorted wines, wine tasting, vineyard activities, beauty treatments with grapes, life coaching in the park, …

We can welcome you and your guests from all over the world. We speak French, English, Dutch and German.