How we started

A place full of history in the Loire Valley

“After a trip to a friends’ place in Tuscany among the vineyards and olive trees, we started dreaming about the possibility to get a holiday home in the vineyards in France”, says Kathleen Mareels – Van den Berghe. We visited several wine regions and properties and on the last day of our trip, we were captivated by Château de Minière. It was love at first sight!”

Initially, the property was used as a fortified farm (15th century). Later on it served as a mansion and finally, back in the 16th century, as a Château. The last part of the castle was built at the time of the marriage between Colonel du Soulier and the family d’Espinay. This family also owned the castle Château d’Ussé, just across the Loire river from Château de Minière. The French author Charles Perrault was inspired by this castle and had it in mind while writing “Sleeping Beauty”.

The feminine tradition at Château de Minière

The estate was handed down through a line of women for two centuries ever since Marie-Genevieve d’Espinay married Martial du Soulier in 1767 and brought him the property in her dowry. In 1995, Bertrand and Evelyne de Mascarel acquired Minière from the last descendants of Marie-Geneviève, Margarède and Diane du Soulier. Since 2010, Sigurd and Kathleen Mareels – Van den Berghe became the proud owners of Minière. Kathleen has assumed responsibility for the estate, which now spreads over 15 hectares in three of the seven municipalities of the Bourgueil Appellation: Ingrandes de Touraine, Restigné and Benais. The family has conducted a very careful restoration and further development since acquiring the Château in 2010.

We are excited about growing our wine and more offering! Kathleen is passionate about creating a “complete wine experience”.
Kathleen is surrounded by a team of passionate and enthusiastic people, who each have a key role in developing the estate and its wines.