Our Friends

Amis de Minière

our friends page

Les Amis de Minière is a group of “friends” of the estate, who are “part of our story” and contribute heavily to our success. In exchange, they get certain benefits from the Estate.
Their efforts vary widely :
• Buying our wine on a regular basis
• Promote our wines in their network, consumers, retailers or restaurants
• Promote our Wine Tourism offering: seminars, group visits, tastings, … (directly or indirectly through referrals)
• Help us at the Estate through manual work, research, marketing, sales etc…
Their benefits :
• Get benefits on oenotourism activities or specific activities at the estate
• Get extra merchandising
• Enjoy the Estate
• Top priority at our special events
• Be part of our story, feel connected to the development of the Estate and influence it.