The Vineyard

The vines of Minière

The vines of Minière are ideally spread out over the entire « terroir » covered by the appellation, from the gravel shores along the Loire River to the clay, limestone and silica (mineral) soils of the hills overlooking the valley. You will find young vines estimated to range from around 10 years to old vines well over 100 years.

This broad range of vine ages and of soils allows the production of delicate fruity wines to be enjoyed young, as well as more full-bodied wines with great ageing potential with tannins that become silky over time

Our “Vignes Centenaires de Minière” is a unique wine, produced from our oldest vines.

The Château de Minière has an organic certification (Ecocert). The organic process implies close monitoring supervision to prevent diseases and the use of natural products. Grass, herbs and weeds are tolerated but controlled. Since 2011 all grapes for the wines of Minière have been harvested manually.

The estate has 4500-5000 plants per hectare, with a qualitative yield of around 45 hl per hectare.

The wine-making process remains traditional in a modern wine-making facility offering temperature-controlled fermentation.

Our rosé and various red still wines belong to the Bourgueil appellation. They are all made with 100% Cabernet Franc grape.

We also produce red and rosé sparkling wines “Bulles de Minière” according to the ancestral method (naturally sparkling), without added sugar nor yeast. These are our signature wines.

Since a few years we also make still and sparkling grape juice from the Cabernet Franc grape.

We pride ourselves in developing high quality wines. We test ourselves by creating new wines and promoting innovation in several aspects.

A summary of our current steps:

  • The conversion towards organic agriculture and viticulture has been finalised
  • Complete manual harvest for the Minière wines
  • State-of-the-art sorting table to ensure no green element enters the vats
  • Acquisition of a large number of oak barrels for maturing the wines from our old vines
  • Replacement of the big vats with smaller ones, including several with floating lids in order to create finer wines in smaller batches
  • Experimenting with new styles of wines, in particular “sparkling/pétillant naturel” wines, becoming one of the first winery to offer a 100% Cabernet Franc dry red sparkling wine.