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“nice chateau to visit and excellent “bulles rosé””
Reviewed 2 December 2013
We visited the chateau during the summer when the Tour de France passed nearby. We received a very warm welcome by Kathleen, the owner of the chateau, and tasted some of their wines. We especially liked the ‘bulles rosé”, a nice sparkling rosé brut. We’ve bought our share; it has become our standard gift whenever we visit friends and it’s a hit ! The chateau is worth the visit and we enjoyed our walk around the domain. There’s plenty of interesting trips to make in the vicinity of the chateau so we’ll be back during our France trip next year.

“A fantastic addition to our wine tour!”
Reviewed 30 November 2013
My wife and I had been travelling the wine regions of France and arrived at our final destination of the Loire Valley. We received a surprise response to one of our tweets, where we had highlighted we were in the Loire, which invited us to come for a wine tasting at Chateau de Miniere. We thought this a bit of a novelty for France, as many producers haven’t quite taken to social networking yet. So we were intrigued and decided that we should definitely go. We were not disappointed. We arrived at the impressive and beautiful Chateau, surrounded by vines, and were met by the owner Kathleen, who invited us to taste her range of wines, including a sparkling red Cabernet Franc, something very new to us and very tasty. We found Kathleen very professional in her approach and her wines extremely well made, which prompted us to buy a selection that are now being enjoyed back home. We certainly see ourselves returning here in future.

“Great wine, history and welcoming”
Reviewed 9 October 2013

Very nice free tasting room with international award winning red, rose and “bubbles” wines and even grape juice for the children with a welcoming staff, self guided informational and historical tour with many photo opportunities round the chateau built in the mid 1400’s. Staff speaks multiple languages such as French, English, German and Dutch which is unusual for this mostly French speaking area.Local Bike Trails within the vineyard as well as connected for to the main bike trails. Great restaurant the promenade near by and other with great local reviews within walking distance. The town of Bourgeuil has a terrific open market on Tuesdays in the middle of town square. So Chateau de Miniere, farmers market and mid day meal at Promenade makes for a terrific day.

“Wine tasting”
Reviewed 30 August 2013
Lovely chateaux, very friendly service and fabulous wine. We did our wine tasting on bikes so returned the next day to buy a couple of boxes of the lovely wine.

“A fine wine address to bookmark for a trip to the Loire”
Reviewed 16 May 2013
We have been to the Chateau de Minière last year, after we stayed in Nantes. Even taking into account that the new owners were in the middle of renovations, it was more than worthwhile to visit it. I understood that by now the renovations of the chateau are finished, so we are going back this summer to spent some more time over there.
We received a very warm welcome and they speak several languages besides French. The vineyards are located inside as well as outside the wall of the chateau. They have different wines (red, rose and sparkling wine) and sell as well some local products based on their wine (I can recommend the jam and the cherries).

“complete wine experience and super welcoming”
Reviewed 13 May 2013

I did visit the chateau several times and each time I met this very open welcoming spirit. One can ofcourse taste the wines but you do not need to ask twice and they will offer you a tour on the premisses.. the parc, the Vineyard “en clos” the little chapel..
and recently they organised a “picnic in the parc”
I would certainly recommend this chateau as one of the most welcoming places in Bourgeuil area.. there are plenty of good B&B in the neighbourhood, opportunities for bikers, and in the evening one should go and visit the promenade..a very typical hotel-restaurant with a enormous wine choice in their cellar..
everything to make bourgeuil a base for discovering the Loire and its chateaus..!