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Château de Suronde, not just any wine estate.

The white wines of Château de Suronde

Kathleen Van den Berghe and Sigurd Mareels bought the iconic and magical Château de Suronde wine estate in the Loire Valley in 2016. In addition to the red wines and sparkling wines they produce at Château de Minière, they also wanted to make white wines. They found the ideal domain in Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru.

Château de Suronde, a magical wine estate

The historic domain Château de Suronde produces dry and sweet wines made from Demeter grapes from 7 hectares of biodynamic vineyard of 15-70 year old vines, 100% Chenin Blanc. Of this, 5.5 hectares is Quarts de Chaume Appellation, the only Grand Cru in the Loire Valley. Suronde is located in the heart of the Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru appellation, literally in the middle of Les Quarts. Château de Suronde is the only wine estate that produces wines within the zone of the appellation. 

Château de Suronde produces Chenin Blanc white wines that can be sweet, semi-sweet and dry including the iconic sweet Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru wines. The wines of this wine domain can also be tasted and bought in the tasting room on the domain of Château de Minière and via our web shops.

Artist residency

Kathleen set up an artist residence in Château de Suronde together with Sven Vanderstichelen. Mainly Belgian artists come to reside here for a while. During that period they create art inspired by the environment. A selection of these works of art is used as a label on the wines of Château de Suronde.

Hidden vacation spot

Château de Suronde, like the nearby Château de Bellerive, also owned by Kathleen, has a magical location: near the River Layon, in the middle of the vineyards, surrounded by nature. An ideal location for those seeking tranquility and beautiful landscapes.

Both country houses can be rented as holiday homes. 

More information: www.chateaudesuronde.com