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Once upon a wine…

The heritage of the estate

The Château de Minière is a wine-growing estate in the Bourgueil AOC, Val de Loire.

Vines were first introduced and developed in the Loire Valley in Roman times. The work developed significantly from the end of the year 1000, with the efforts of the Abbey of Bourgueil, founded by Emma de Blois in 990.


The Cabernet Franc grape was probably introduced into the Val de Loire during the 17th century by Cardinal de Richelieu who brought in vines from southwest France (the Libourne region). These vine stocks were then planted at the Abbey of Bourgueil, under the direction of an Abbot Breton. From this period, the name was associated with the variety.

This tradition, the careful cultivation and care devoted to the vines is reflected in our wines.

Since 2010, all the vines grown at the Château de Minière have been covered by the Organic Agriculture Ecocert, and transition to biodynamics is already underway. The estate is also certified HVE (High Environmental Value), a label covering environmental performance indicators.

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